Hey look comics! Thus begins our ridiculous battle. This will be the first proper sort of fight scene I’ve ever done in BERET and I’m extremely excited about it. Hope you guys are too!

As usual, thanks for the comments and reblogs and follows and all that good jazz! You folks are THE BEST

I’ll be getting the very last donation sketch done shortly. Since I’ve only got one left in the queue, if you’ve been holding off helping me out, now would be a great time to do it! I’m actually a bit tight on funds, so I’m now  going to throw some color on the sketch of your choice if you give 10 dollar or more (5 dolla still gets a black and white sketch). Depending on the idea short little comics may also be drawn! (also if you don’t have a particular idea in mind but just want a sketch tell me to whatever I want and I TOTALLY WILL)

A huge THANK YOOOOU to everyone that’s already donated. You cannot fathom the gratitude that courses through my heart 😀

Donation Sketches (and other fun sketches) go up on the TUMBLR, so keep an eye on that!

Either way, thanks for reading! Next update hopefully coming much sooner than later.

See ya then!