So turns out RIGHT NOW meant several months later. Ha ha who would have guessed.

My apologies for the long absence. My life has been kind of crazy busy and the comic had to fall by the wayside for much longer than I intended. Mostly because I was busy directing GAME OF THRONES THE GAME EPISODE 2!!!!!! It was amazing and everyone worked super hard on it and I’m really happy with how it came out.

I finally had some time and got this update here together. I’m going to continue to work whenever I can on this, but I’m still pretty dang busy (I’m already directing another thing ha ha oh jeeze) so I won’t commit to any kind of regular update plan. Whenever I’m able. I still deep in my heart love these characters and this story and love creating it for people to enjoy.

So anyways, there’s some comics! Thanks so much for your patience, and I hope you all continue to enjoy the story 🙂